Announcement: Starting February 1, we are extending our restaurant hours to 11 PM every day from Sunday to Thursdays, while we are extending up to 11:30 PM during Fridays and Saturdays. Schedules during Holidays are still to be announced.  

Welcome Friends of Peetah’s Pizza Place! Thank you for taking time to visit our shop today. Look around at what the best pizza place could offer you today.  


Peetah’s Pizza Place has been serving you great tasting pizza since 1988. For over 3 decades, we never failed to give you only the finest ingredients rolled together with the best tasting crust on the market. Done using the science of pizza-making mastered by years of experience of our in-house chef, you’ll never go out of our stores starving again. In fact, it’s even hard to go past your garage door in Milwaukee without a to-go kit for your friends and families. Just the growing demand for our different flavored pizzas can attest to this.  

Although our pizzas are the highlight of the Peetah’s Pizza Place, our customers also enjoy a variety of other delicious food such as our pasta, salad, and buffalo chicken wings, to name a few. We also have locally produced handcrafted beers that are of export quality and local wines as well. Even our ingredients are fresh and come only for our trusted farms in the area. We are hands-on in picking out only the best among the best from the bunch, up until the smallest grain of beans we need.   


Peetah’s Pizza Place is dedicated to supporting the small businesses in its vicinity. As such, there is almost zero chance you can spot us exporting products from other places, especially internationally. We believe that the success an economy lies in supporting what we have in the place we are in. so from time to time, you can also spot us selling other products that complement our own starting with homemade pastries in the neighborhood, or even handicrafts and knitted materials from our local shelters. This is how we give back to the Arizona community.  

We also conduct gift-giving and outreach programs together with our partner organizations every twice a year where we go to our recipient foundations to give them a taste of our products. We announce this to the public to give them an opportunity to take part too! 


Peetah’s Pizza Place does not only serve food, but it has a set of competent staff which can host any of your life’s events. No need to think about the hardship of hosting a party again when you get our services. You can celebrate here at the restaurant with our different sizes function rooms that will accommodate any guests you have, or you can celebrate at the venue of your choice with us completing it with our food. Either way, no dull moments with Peetah’s Pizza Place. 

So what are you waiting for? Head out to the nearest Peetah’s Pizza Place in your home and get a piece of this goodness today.