Excited to get started with your pizza party? We are excited for you too, and we are ready to help as always.  

Peetah’s Pizza Place is happy to give our customers reprieve from going through the stressful process of planning a party especially if you are doing it on your own. You shouldn’t even sweat if you are the celebrant. All you need is to sit back and enjoy. So we give you this kind of hassle-free day here our place.  

Have you decided on the theme of your party? How many visitors are you having? Do you have special requests, diet or allergies? These are the important questions needed to be addressed. After that, you are free to move forward with your day. Easy, right? All you need to do is to arrive on time for your party. The fun is, there is no need for even a clean up afterward because we take care of the rest.  

Peetah’s Pizza Place takes care of all of your party needs. Whether it is for children, teenagers, or a night out for the adult, we have a certain package that you will enjoy. Inclusive for each package are the decors, the venue, and the music. Plus of course, the set of dishes you could mix and match depending on the number of visitors you will choose to have. What more is that we have exciting gifts for you if it is your birthdays, and certain discounts and freebies on different days of the week.  

We guarantee you that at the end of your party, you and your visitors will go home with a huge smile on your face. All of this you can get at a very affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Drop by to the nearest branch at your place and book your reservations today.