Hungry? Check our food choices below. 


You’ll love Peetah’s Pizza Place pizza choices. Our available pizza dishes are simply mouth-watering and satisfying to your craving stomach. We never scrimp with our ingredients and all of them are always fresh from the source. From our different types of sauce, vegetables, cheese, meat, and seafood toppings, we only get it from the best.  

Take note that Peetah’s Pizza Place ensures that every ingredient also is locally produced. Not only does this help small businesses in the area, it helps with the local economy as well. You can mix and match your choice of ingredients to create your pizza masterpiece, or why not try our gourmet pizza experience? Beware though. Our pizzas are highly addicting and will keep you coming back for more.  


It’s sad when a restaurant sells pizza but not pasta, right?And Peetah’s Pizza Place only wants to bring a smile to your faces. So we have this covered. From Aglio Olio, the classic red meatball pasta, carbonara, pesto, and linguine – you can have a choice of pasta dish to pair with the delicious slice of your pizza. 


Of course, we also care about your veggie needs. Although we already have choices of vegetables you can include in your pizza, we know you’d want to indulge in your leafy greens too. So why not get a taste of our salad? You can make your own or get from our available choices of Caesar, Mediterranean, Chef’s, and Kani. We also have fruit salad for those who are craving for all-natural fruits.  

Other food choices from Peetah’s Pizza Place include appetizers such as fries, nachos, and chicken fingers, baked mussels, and hard and soft tacos. We also have different types of sandwiches. For drink choices, we have different types of fruit juices, fruit shakes, and sodas. We also have beer on tap and hard liquor and wine.  

Come to our restaurant today and have a taste of our food with flavors you cannot find anywhere.